Washington Elementary School is a K-6 school established in 1953 on 8.2 acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands. Today, our campus consists of 11 permanent and 17 portable classrooms.

The full-time staff includes 23 regular classroom teachers, 4 Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) teachers, 2 special education teachers, 4 classroom aides, 2 custodians, 2 office personnel, and a librarian. Additional staff includes a physical education specialist, a child guidance counselor, a psychologist, a health clerk, a speech and language therapist, an instrumental music instructor, a science lab teacher, an art teacher, and a computer lab technician.

These people, combined with the efforts of the principal, the PTO, countless volunteers, and motivated and dedicated parents, form a team to ensure that children receive an education that will prepare them for the 21st century.

Faculty / Staff

Christina Giguiere: cgiguiere@sbunified.org

Elizabeth Mortensen: emortensen@sbunified.org
Karen Slotnick Lastrico: kslotnick-lastrico@sbunified.org
Isabel Esparza: iesparza@sbunified.org

Ali Angelopoulos: aangelopoulos@sbunified.org
Nancy Lusk: nlusk@sbunified.org
Meredith Llewellyn: mllewellyn@sbunified.org

Combo 1st/2nd:
Raquel Frausto: rfrausto@sbunified.org

Whitney Alegria: walegria@sbunified.org
Heather McBurnie: hmcburnie@sbunified.org
Michael Acton: macton@sbunified.org

Kim Baron: kbaron@sbunified.org
Suzanne Dalton: sdalton@sbunified.org
Laurie Yarnell: lyarnell@sbunified.org

Cathy Neushul: cneushul@sbunified.org
Heather Grosch: hgrosch@sbunified.org
Mary Lou Furrer: mfurrer@sbunified.org

Combo: 3rd/4th:
Bridgette Berg-Gankas: bberg@sbunified.org

Betsy Armitage: barmitage@sbunified.org
Bettina Chin: bchin@sbunified.org
Sloan Kochman: smkochman@sbunified.org

Michael Riley: mriley@sbunified.org
Jackie Bluestein: jbluestein@sbunified.org
Kaye Cantu: kcantu@sbunified.org

P.E.:Victor Vargas: vvargas@sbunified.org
STEM: Justin Mack: jmack@sbunified.org
Music: Cynthia Vong: cvong@sbunified.org
Art: Andrea Lashua: arlashua@sbunified.org

Resource Specialist:
Ken Greenberg: kgreenberg@sbunified.org

Linda Szumski: lszumski@sbunified.org

Special Education:
Maria Rivera: mrivera@sbunified.org

Office Support:
Rosa Cavaletto: rcavaletto@sbunified.org
Lourdes Fleisher: Lfleisher@sbunified.org